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Table Order Tablet

Revolutionize your restaurant’s dining experience

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Table Order Tablet Solutions

Transform your restaurant dining experience with QonUS’s state-of-the-art table order tablet solutions. Our innovative tablets enable customers to browse the menu, place orders from their table, providing a seamless and interactive dining experience. Perfect for all types of dining establishments, our table order tablet are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Reduce labour coast + order mistake
Deliver better customer experience
Increase marketing & promotion opportunity

Why Choose Our Table Order Tablet Solutions?

Customer Ease

Order at your own pace with intuitive tablets for a relaxed dining experience.


Streamline operations with tablet orders, reducing wait times and errors.


Boost sales with tablet upselling and cross-selling of menu items.

Accurate Order

Improve accuracy and reduce errors with digital menu tablets.
Key Features

Features of Our table order tablet Solutions


User-Friendly Interface

Our tablets feature a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for customers of all ages to use. Browsing the menu, customizing orders, and placing requests have never been easier.


Real-Time Menu Updates

Keep your menu up-to-date with real-time changes. Update items, prices, and specials instantly across all tablets, ensuring your customers always have the latest information.


Interactive Promotions and Upselling

Boost your sales by highlighting special promotions, new items, and popular dishes. Our tablets can suggest complementary items and encourage customers to try add-ons, increasing the average order value.

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