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QonUS Staff Management Solution!

Set employee-specific access permissions and manage wages and work hours conveniently with timecard reports. Our system allows for payroll and attendance management based on team performance metrics.

Individual employee permissions
Convenient employee management
Information security through access control

Why Choose QonUS Staff Management Solutions?

Employee-specific access

Assign different permissions to various roles in your business, ensuring each employee has the appropriate level of access for their responsibilities.

Convenient management

You can easily manage employee attendance and payroll directly from the POS system, ensuring accurate tracking and streamlined payment processes.

Timecard Reporting

Team members use QonUS staff manamgent system to clock in and out, enabling you to monitor and track their working hours with timecards.
Key Features

Features of Our Staff Management Solutions

Individual employee permissions

Tailor staff access to your store’s POS and retail functions with POS roles, each defining specific permissions. Control individual staff access levels for effective store management.

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