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QonUS POS Solutions!

QonUS offers a Point of Sale (POS) system equipped with advanced table management, phone/online ordering for pickup & delivery, tableside ordering, robust integrations, comprehensive back-of-house reporting, and much more.

Our team of hospitality consultants will customise a solution and assist you in selecting the appropriate POS software and hardware, including state-of-the-art touch terminals, tablets, and mobile devices.

Cloud Accessibility
Tailored Software Solutions
Ongoing Support

Why Choose QonUS POS Solutions?

Enhanced Experience

Our intuitive interfaces and user-friendly design ensure a seamless experience for users.

Cloud Accessibility

Access our cloud for real-time data and insights. Manage menus, monitor reports, view transactions on the go.

Tailored Systems

We'll assist in selecting the right POS system for your space, suitable for various venues from restaurants to bars.
Key Features

Features of Our POS Solutions


Maximise benefits, minimise fees

Boost sales growth with customised features and flexible pricing options for your needs.


Tailored for you

Customised POS setups and personalised software updates designed for each store’s unique needs at no cost.


24/7 Support

Our tech support standby to ensure smooth POS operations.


Enhance your space with sleek device

Compact and stylish, optimise store layout enhancing your store presentation.

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