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Kitchen Display System

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KDS(Kitchen Display System)

At QonUS, we recognise the pivotal role that efficient kitchen operations play in the success of your restaurant or food service business. That’s why we offer KDS solution is designed to streamline your kitchen workflow, enhance communication, and improve accuracy and overall efficiency.

opt for either dynamic or grid layout
Set new orders to blink upon arrival
Custom feature settings per chef

Why Choose QonUS KDS Solutions?


Goodbye paper tickets! Our digital KDS sends orders directly from POS to kitchen screens, cutting errors & delays.

Instant Updates

Empower kitchen staff with live order updates. Our KDS displays incoming orders, prioritizing tasks and ensuring timely preparation.


Reduce order errors with our intuitive KDS interfaces. Clear, accurate displays enhance culinary quality.

Improved Communication

Promote kitchen teamwork with customizable KDS features. Clear notifications ensure smooth coordination.
Key Features

Features of Our KDS Solutions


Customisable Layout

Tailor your KDS screens to match your workflow preferences. Arrange orders by food type or order number and view and select customised view for each station ensuring optimal efficiency in kitchen operation.


Order Tracking

Monitor the status of each order in real-time, from preparation to completion. Track cook times, monitor order progress, and identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement to optimise kitchen performance.


Reduce Cost

Say goodbye to printer rolls reducing cost by going paperless.

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