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Multi-Stores should consider the QonUS system for the following

Integrated store and menu management is crucial for franchises. Explore QonUS’s integrated system to manage menus, sales, and inventory across all locations.

Efficient franchise operation management
Unified management of menu and inventory
Case Study

How did SINJEON FOOD SYS expand its stores in Sydney?

QonUS has revolutionized Guzman y Gomez locations by making menu management more efficient. With features like menu optimization, updating menus, price points, descriptions, and images is now a breeze. This has freed up the head of operations and area managers to focus on other critical aspects of the business, making both the restaurants and the head office fundamentally more efficient.

Visual Sales Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

QonUS empowers Bell and his team to create visual sales reports across all channels, providing a comprehensive overview for informed decision-making. As restaurants’ needs evolve, QonUS continuously updates features and develops innovative solutions to meet those needs.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Using QonUS makes everything faster, cleaner, easier, and reduces errors. This allows us to focus on our work of making our customers happier with the best ingredients.

“ Before collaborating with QonUS, we mainly faced two challenges. One was integrating orders into our system, and the other was human error. ”by Whole Manager

Strategic Partnership with QonUS

We chose QonUS carefully not just for its technology but because it allows us to manage restaurants across multiple locations with just a click. It’s optimized for our franchise management, as it offers a centralized system to manage all orders and also allows separate management for individual stores.

By partnering with QonUS, Guzman y Gomez has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also positioned itself for continued success in the competitive franchise industry.

QonUS system used

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