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Korean Chicken

Korean Chicken should consider the QonUS system for the following

Given the high volume of take-away customers, QR ordering and online order functionality are heavily utilized. Take full advantage of QonUS’s QR Order & Online Order features.

Fast and accurate table order functionality
Intuitive UI for online ordering
Case Study

How BASAX reimagined chicken and grew

Basax is not just another Korean Fried Chicken restaurant. but unique and reliable restaurant in Sydney. Established in 2009 and already known as the Best Korean Chicken and Dining restaurant in town.

Chef Satisfaction with Customized Interfaces

Adapting to a standardized interface was challenging due to the different working styles of our chefs. Thanks to QonUS, this issue has been resolved, leading to significantly higher satisfaction among our kitchen staff. Each kitchen team can now work in their preferred environment, making cooking much more convenient. Additionally, with our store being large and having multiple locations, there were quite a few spare devices from previous systems. Being able to utilize these devices has been beneficial. Customizing the system to fit our existing devices has ensured continued satisfaction and effective usage.

“QonUS’s kiosks are incredibly useful during peak times. When there’s a rush of customers, our staff are busy moving around, but thanks to the kiosks, orders come in accurately without errors, resulting in quick food preparation.”by Helen Smith

Enhanced Utilization with Flexible Features

During off-peak hours, such as weekday afternoons, we can now offer discounts or bundle specific menu items into set menus, significantly increasing system utilization. Initially unaware of these features when we started using QonUS, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of functions available upon inquiry. Moreover, features that were initially lacking were promptly tailored to our requirements, ensuring continued and effective utilization to date.

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