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Sushi Shop

Sushi shops should consider the QonUS system for the following

Given the fast-paced nature of sushi shops where a variety of menu items need to be ordered quickly, it’s essential to have a seamless ordering environment between the customers and the kitchen.

Speed is key: orders cooked instantly
System for take-away customers is crucial
Case Study

Innovative Solutions with WARA SUSHI and QonUS

WARA SUSHI, a popular Japanese cuisine destination in Brisbane, continually strives to provide top-notch service to its customers. Now, they’ve enhanced their operations by adopting QonUS’s innovative point-of-sale system.

Custom Order System

In response to WARA SUSHI’s needs, QonUS developed a custom order system. This enabled customers to place orders without counting plates, streamlining the process. Additionally, the system was configured to minimize table turnover time, ensuring swift seating for the next customer upon checkout.

Order Splitting Functionality

Flexibility in order management is essential. WARA SUSHI requested a feature where existing orders could be fully canceled, and new order split counts recalculated. QonUS met this requirement by creating a flexible system, allowing customers to easily modify their orders as needed.

“The direct customization of our desired system by QonUS has proven invaluable in efficiently overseeing operations across multiple establishments. Their tailored solutions not only meet our specific needs but also empower us to streamline management processes, ensuring seamless coordination and enhanced productivity across our network of stores. With QonUS’s support, we’ve been able to optimize resource allocation, improve customer service, and drive overall business growth.”by WARA SUSHI OWNER

Multi-Store Management

The owner of WARA SUSHI noted that QonUS’s system significantly aided in managing multiple stores. QonUS provided features for efficient management of numerous outlets, enabling owners to focus on business operations.

WARA SUSHI’s success story exemplifies the effectiveness of QonUS’s innovative solutions. We tailor our offerings to meet customer needs and support their business growth. With QonUS, your business can thrive too. Let’s grow together!

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